class minari.EpisodeData(id: int, seed: int | None, total_timesteps: int, observations: Any, actions: Any, rewards: ndarray, terminations: ndarray, truncations: ndarray, infos: dict)[source]#

Contains the datasets data for a single episode.

This is the object returned by minari.MinariDataset.sample_episodes.


EpisodeData.id: int#

The ID of the episode in the Minari dataset.

EpisodeData.seed: int | None#

The seed used to reset this episode in the Gymnasium API.

EpisodeData.total_timesteps: int#

The number of timesteps contained in this episode.

EpisodeData.observations: Any#

The observations of the environment. The initial and final observations are included meaning that the number of observations will be increased by one compared to the number of timesteps

EpisodeData.actions: Any#

The actions taken in each episode timestep.

EpisodeData.terminations: ndarray#

The terminated value after each environment step.

EpisodeData.truncations: ndarray#

The truncated value after each environment step.