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import importlib.metadata
import os
import shutil
from typing import Dict, Union

from packaging.specifiers import SpecifierSet

from minari.dataset.minari_dataset import MinariDataset, parse_dataset_id
from minari.dataset.minari_storage import MinariStorage
from import hosting
from import get_dataset_path

# Use importlib due to circular import when: "from minari import __version__"
__version__ = importlib.metadata.version("minari")

[docs] def load_dataset(dataset_id: str, download: bool = False): """Retrieve Minari dataset from local database. Args: dataset_id (str): name id of Minari dataset download (bool): if `True` download the dataset if it is not found locally. Default to `False`. Returns: MinariDataset """ file_path = get_dataset_path(dataset_id) data_path = os.path.join(file_path, "data") if not os.path.exists(data_path): if not download: raise FileNotFoundError( f"Dataset {dataset_id} not found locally at {file_path}. Use download=True to download the dataset." ) hosting.download_dataset(dataset_id) return MinariDataset(data_path)
[docs] def list_local_datasets( latest_version: bool = False, compatible_minari_version: bool = False, ) -> Dict[str, Dict[str, Union[str, int, bool]]]: """Get the ids and metadata of all the Minari datasets in the local database. Args: latest_version (bool): if `True` only the latest version of the datasets are returned i.e. from ['door-human-v0', 'door-human-v1`], only the metadata for v1 is returned. Default to `False`. compatible_minari_version (bool): if `True` only the datasets compatible with the current Minari version are returned. Default to `False`. Returns: Dict[str, Dict[str, str]]: keys the names of the Minari datasets and values the metadata """ datasets_path = get_dataset_path("") dataset_ids = sorted( [ dir_name for dir_name in os.listdir(datasets_path) if not dir_name.startswith(".") ] ) local_datasets = {} for dst_id in dataset_ids: if "data" not in os.listdir(os.path.join(datasets_path, dst_id)): # Minari datasets must contain the data directory. continue data_path = os.path.join(datasets_path, dst_id, "data") metadata = MinariStorage(data_path).metadata if ("minari_version" not in metadata) or ( compatible_minari_version and __version__ not in SpecifierSet(metadata["minari_version"]) ): continue env_name, dataset_name, version = parse_dataset_id(dst_id) dataset = f"{env_name}-{dataset_name}" if latest_version: if dataset not in local_datasets or version > local_datasets[dataset][0]: local_datasets[dataset] = (version, metadata) else: local_datasets[dst_id] = metadata if latest_version: # Return dict = {'dataset_id': metadata} return dict( map(lambda x: (f"{x[0]}-v{x[1][0]}", x[1][1]), local_datasets.items()) ) else: return local_datasets
[docs] def delete_dataset(dataset_id: str): """Delete a Minari dataset from the local Minari database. Args: dataset_id (str): name id of the Minari dataset """ dataset_path = get_dataset_path(dataset_id) shutil.rmtree(dataset_path) print(f"Dataset {dataset_id} deleted!")